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Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Chicks

I am now the proud new owner/babysitter of six little baby chicks. How did this happen and where in the world would I get an idea like that?
His name is Jason... haha He loves animals and would take them all home if he could.

Jason and I went on a quest Friday for some personalized photography for the walls of my apartment and while on this quest, Jason got the idea to go and look at chickens. So, a long story short, I ended up with six little, fluffy, cute, baby chicks that live in a fish aquarium on my fireplace mantle. "They are really cute." Those are the words I spoke that sealed my fate. I said those four little words and Jason couldn't resist, he had to buy them. So I am "babysitting" them until they are old enough to go with the rest of Jason's older Chickens. He is so funny. Who would've thought that I would ever own a chicken? Jason says it is Food Storage, but we all know that he could never eat one of his pets.

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