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Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Belated fourth of July

Well, I had a late start this year on my fourth of July decorations, however I did finally get my "Americana Spread" finished last night. Here she is... I like it!
My two teasers from yesterday are done and here is the BIG Reveal...

I definately need to make a big tall firecracker or something with height on the left but for now this is what I have got.

This was $3.00. I am really pleased with how this turned out. I mod podged scrapbook paper over the label on the bottom and added the little decal. I painted with acrylic the red border and sprayed with a clear gloss in order to help the "scratch factor. added the final touch... Ribbon and voila! AMeriCAnA at it's best!

THis is what I did with the old window I found behind an antique store. I got the idea from Stacie (Creative Crate) I am new to the whole blogging world and just figured out how to post a link. Yoo Hoo! I want to give credit where credit is due. Love it! Thank you Stacie! You can find her tutorial Here.

I didn't want it to look Perfect because of the antiquity of the wood and if you notice there are 64 stars... But who's counting anyway? hahaha

I made this sign with mod podge paper, acrylic paint and cut out letters. It did not turn out exactly as I pictured but it will do for the whole ambiance of the Fourth of July. IT is RED, WHITE, & BLUE and it GLITTERS so it works.

So you can see why I am starting early on my Halloween preparations, other wise when I should be posting about Thanksgiving or Christmas, I will still be back at Halloween.

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