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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Easy and Chic $3.00 earrings

I saw these beads at Hobby Lobby yesterday and instantly thought

They were on sale too... Even Better! 50%
Making them $1.00 a piece!

Look at the pretty detail!

What you will need:
* The two beads
* Two Earring hooks
* Two matching beads
* Fashion cord wire
* Two crimper beads

Thread your wire through the big bead and then both ends of the wire through your little bead and crimper.

Thread your earring hook on and thread through both wires around and then back down through your crimper bead and your little bead. This will hide both wires.

Now you are ready to put it tight and crimp the bead. cut off the excess wire and Voila... Earrings that cost less than $3.00. I think they are super cute.

I am wearing them today with my matching red boots! Too fun!

Go check out Hobby Lobby! They have a WHOLE array of beads that are similar to this. I am usually a diamond stud in the ear kind of girl,
 but when inspired, I will go all out!

I was featured on The DIY Showoff...

How fun.... Roeshel is like the greatest! She is so very sweet and has encouraged me to keep going with this blog! Love her! She is the Creator of the Blog The DIY Showoff. Her blog is dedicated to her DIY projects and showcasing the projects that other people do. I love it. If you have never been to her blog, go there now and look around. Plan on spending a lot of time there because there is SO much to see. 
She was so kind to feature the Valentines Day projects that I have completed. To go look at the feature on her website go Here.
The DIY Show Off

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kiss Kiss... You just can't resist!

Okay, so this has become one of my favorite crafties of this year! I love it! I think it turned out sooooo cute! I cannot even believe that I made it.
I started with the KISS letters that I got from Hobby Lobby. They come in two packs for .99 cents a piece. I spray painted them red. I distressed the edges and added my embellishments.

Ribbon. The circles and rectangle words are just puffy stickers I got on a sheet from the Dollar Store a long time ago. Tooo cute!

I took the wire and wrapped it around a sharpie. Drilled holes in the base and just stuck a straight end into the base of the wood...

I love this so much... With the extra set of KISS letters I am going to make another one to sit on the one of the shelfs I have by my FAMILY frames!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I am adding this to the...



So, I was working on my mailbox when I got the idea to do kissing
 "Love Birds" on wood blocks!

The birds are vinyl cutouts.
Heart is just paper

I love knotted ribbon on crafts. I love the look. It is so whimsical and cute to me.
Not like a bow which can be so young looking at times. Love Ribbons!

Sticker from the Dollar Store

My Mailbox inspired my LOVE BIRDS theme for this Valentine's Day.

The blocks are two separate blocks, but I just think it looks so much better together.

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More Valentine's Day love coming your way....

I love LOVE... What can I say!
 So, yesterday... lots of snow led to EVERYTHING in New Mexico being shut down and closed. Everyone stays home and holes up in their houses to avoid the snowy roads.
I went home a couple hours early from work, so that gave me some time to finish up some of my Valentine's Day decorations I had in progress.
They are so super cute! I love how they turned out. I even impressed myself a little...

I started with this chipboard mailbox I got at Hobby Lobby! Ronda and I both got one so that we could sit on our tables.
 What a cute little box to invite people to give you "Love notes"

I started by spray painting the flag and the inside of the box with Red Spray Paint. Continuing with my black white and red theme for the day of Love, I chose this paper that had the amazing detail on it. The other papers in the pack had the same detail on them, but with white birds. I loved the silhouettes on the paper, but didn't like the placement of the birds after putting it on the box. So, instead I used the paper that didn't have the birds and used Vinyl birds I fell in love with and cut out a long time ago.

I put the birds on and took a good look and realized that it didn't look Valentine's Dayish at all! Then it hit me...

I added hearts...

Ribbon....... and more hearts...

This has to be my favorite side and part of the whole mailbox.
I took more of the patterned paper and cut along the outside of the "flourishing pattern" and put it on the box. So now it has a 3-dimensional pop out. Oh I love it!

Alright now it is here and ready to recieve Love notes...
* * *  Hint Hint * * *

The Black white and red "LOVE" I got from Hobby Lobby.
My mailbox inspired my next project!!!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"kisses, Darling... I'm sending you kisses" -Edna Mode

Valentine's Day is coming!
 I am getting my Craftiness on. . .
Picked up supplies at Hobby Lobby...
Put on some Celine Dion to get into the proper spirit for the Day of LOVE...

On our mini shopping spree on Saturday, we went to Hobby Lobby and I picked up these letters that spell out "X O X O" I love them. Hugs and Kisses!

I spray painted them first, the sides as well. two black and two red. I covered two of them in scrapbook paper. and then I just dumped a bunch of small red beads onto this "O." To seal it I sprayed with a clear gloss spray paint to help the beadies stay on!

Here I am painting the dots on the X. It was a fun night. We set up two tables and had them lower so we could sit and work.

I love how they turned out!
"Kisses. . .  Darling, I'm sending you kisses." -Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

PS... Thank you for all the sweet comments and
coming to check out my blog!
I love and appreciate your Comments so much! It keeps me going!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to save printed pictures...

Last night I was going through this HUGE box of pictures. I have accumulated all of these from Junior High and High School. I am an AVID picture taker. I always have been, always will be. I love photography. I was looking through these so that I could find some pictures of some of the crafts I have done in the past that I am going to share with you.

Anyways, I was going through them when I came across a whole group of pictures that were stuck together.
Have you ever had a bunch of printed pictures that, over time got stuck together?

Peeling them apart is not a good idea, because they get all warped and tear. It will also ruin the emulsion on the pictures, so do not do this. I couldn't bear to just throw them away. Now you don't have to.

1* Soak them in a Bowl of Water
Do not worry, this will not ruin the picture. Photos are developed in "Baths" of water, so your pictures will be fine and intact.

After they have finished soaking, peel apart the pictures. I do this process under the water, it helps them detach a lot better.
2* Place them on a towel to dry
Do not let them touch each other as they dry, otherwise they will just get stuck together again.

This is the stack of pictures I still have to soak and peel apart.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been through this. How devastating it can be. Think if it were your wedding pictures, or a new baby, or the only pictures you had from childhood. That would be so sad to lose or tear those pictures.
I reccommend scanning all pictures after you get them apart. Make DIGITAL COPIES so that you can enjoy them for years to come! I always make picture cd's so that I have backup.
So, for any of you going through this right now, GOOD LUCK!


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