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Friday, January 15, 2010

Memories... That which is created as present becomes past

How to make a covered journal...
 From This...

To THIS...

* (1) 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper
* (1) 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of scrapbook paper
* (3) pieces of varied ribbon
* (1) 4 x 6 piece of scrap paper
* Vinyl letters for title (you can use stickers or precut paper letters or stamps.)
* Embellishments

Start by aligning your paper how you want it on the book. I usually use glue stick and and start from the front seam so that you get nice bubble free paper. Wrap it around on the inside cover and glue... as shown

Make sure you crease as you cover the binding. As you wrap the paper around, make sure that the book is closed so that your paper will be tight and fit when the book is closed. 

Fold along the binding as well so that the paper will move well when the book is opened.

Now you can cut off the excess that is hanging over. I just use a straight razor blade. That works the best. You can try folding it over, the only problem is that it will crease in funny places and won't look as nice.

Now you are ready to add your embellishments.

I love Knotted Ribbon. I think it is so cute
Here is a clear sticker on coordinating paper. I love the saying
Memories: That which is created as present becomes past
The Title...
I am making this into an idea book for Live for Each Moment.
I just oval cut a piece of paper and then affixed my custom Vinyl lettering.
That cute flower with the brad I got in a pack at the Dollar Store. Crazy, huh?
Too Cute

Put your side binding title on... It looks so pro!

Now all that is left is Laminating! I use Duck Clear Laminate If you need help with or have questions about this step, please feel free to e-mail me. It is pretty difficult to get it looking nice, but I think I have a system down.

Now for a little last minute Motivation
I wanted to share an experience I had that made me grateful for keeping a journal.
Ronda, the lady I live with, is a widow. Her husband passed away over fourteen years ago. For those of you who have gone through this experience, you know the pain and Lonliness that ensues when you have lost the LOVE of your LIFE. She doesn't have much of his belongings anymore except for his glasses and a watch and a couple coins he had in his pocket at the time of his passing.
We were cleaning out an old dresser of hers when we came across an old journal of his. What a Treasure.
We all sat around (Ronda and a couple of her sisters and nephew were there) and we read the journal aloud. This was a journal he had kept for about two or three months. It was about a year before Vince and Ronda were married. It was so wonderful and amazing to read his thoughts. It was Wonderful to get to know him on a very personal, very deep level. I had never met Vince, but I feel like I got to know who he was more because of reading his journal. He wrote of his Desires in life to be married and to have a family. It was so much fun to get a front row seat to that time in his life. I think the most interesting thing is that Ronda at one point said "Wow, I didn't know he felt that way."
So, my question is... What are you leaving behind for those you love?
What is your Legacy?
How will you be remembered?

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