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Saturday, June 27, 2009

From Drab to Fab...

I had a major dilemna while unpacking and trying to organize my Apartment... My necklaces were in a big bundle in a drawer. They were all tangled and not functional at all. I didn't wear half of them because it took a half hour each morning to free one from the snares of the other necklaces. I had this idea to take and hang them. Display them as art! I got this Bulletin Board... Plain and Boring.

I took and put ribbon on it, just scraps I had lying around and pinned them down with clear push pins. Totally functional as well because they became the "hooks" that the necklaces would hang from.

WHa La!! From Drab to FAB in only 10 minutes!

I love it. I have been wearing a different necklace everyday and I think it looks pretty too.

Meet Ronda...

This is Ronda... She is one of the sweetest people I know. I just love this woman to pieces! She lovingly and willingly opened her home and heart up to me and took me in. I just love her. We have so much Fun! She is the mother of four and has many adopted daughters. I just love her. More to come!

Mother's Day (Thanks Puna for the kukuie nut lei's

Women's Conference

This is a Saturday that we slaved away all day making homemade bread and delicious licorice candy. Ronda really did a lot I just had to make fun and snap one when we were waiting for the bread to bake.

Did I mention that Ronda is an Emergency preparedness specialist? She is going to help me get Prepared and get my food storage together. I am way excited and have already learned so much! So much Fun!
I love living in the mission field. About a week after moving to Farmington Ronda and I had a luncheon barbeque on a P-day with all the sisters in the surrounding area. It was so much fun! I sure am blessed to know so many wonderful people and have so many friends.

This is all of us girls! From Left to Right... Sister Abney, Sister Christiansen, Kristi, Sister Crossley, Ronda, Sister Woodland, Sister Waters, Sister Anderson, Me and Sister Mailo

The Gang! Some of my favorite people... Kristi, Natalie, Ronda, Me and Puna

I had so much fun and the food was delicious!! Yum!
Good Times

yeah Pictures...

Here is one of the fun things that I never thought I would get to do as a result of serving a mission. The Reunions! What a fun Night this was. Kristi Crampton came up to Utah to see me and we went to the Deebens home for a green chile dinner with all the missionaries from the NMAM! Thank you Facebook! It was a lot of fun to see past companions and to see where everyone was at Post Missionary life. It was really weird though, I had the strongest desire to call all the men "Elder" haha It was a lot of fun! The Deebens were our housing and vehicle coordinator and doubled as Mom and Dad for all the missionaries so far from Home! I love them!

Friday, June 26, 2009

"ITLY, My wife's in Itly!!!" Name that movie!

That is one of my favorite movie line's to quote. it is from "Only you" and the way he says "ITLY!" just cracks me up!

"Between Austria and Italy, there is a section of the Alps called the Semmering. It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains. They built a train track over these Alps to connect Vienna and Venice. They built these tracks even before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it because they knew some day, the train would come. Any arbitrary turning along the way, and I would be elsewhere. I would be different.
What are four walls, anyway? They are what they contain. The house protects the dreamer. Unthinkably good things can happen." -Under the Tuscan Sun

I love this. Everyday we prepare ourselves for the next venture in life. The lord doesn't shape the load for the back it will be carried on, he shapes the back to be able to carry the load. That is how I am feeling lately. I need to be prepared. I am being built and prepared for the things that are to come in my life.

Another Favorite quote from Under the Tuscan Sun...
"Listen, when I was a little girl, I used to spend hours looking for ladybugs.
Finally, I'd just give up and fall asleep in the grass. When I woke up,they were crawling all over me."

I love this... Good things in life come to us, we don't have to do anything to ensure that they will come. We are supposed to be proactive, but as long as we are doing our part and building those "tracks" and preparing ourselves to receive, they will come.
It is funny but there is a lot to be learned from this movie. I find myself thinking about the lessons taught in this movie alot.

"The trick to overcoming buyer's remorse is to have a plan.
Pick one room and make it yours.
Go slowly through the house. Be polite, introduce yourself, so it can introduce itself to you."

Where I have been and where I would like to go...

I have traveled a lot in my day. I have been to Las Vegas and Idaho and Southern Utah numerous times. I am leaving for Utah today. I have never been far from home though. I have never been out of the country, and I have never been East of New Mexico and Colorado.This is Where I have been...

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

I would love to see more red. I would love to travel the world and learn about other cultures, to experience them firsthand.
My ultimate goal is to go to all of the Temples and do a session in each of them. That would be amazing. I think the first one I would love to go to is the Rome Italy Temple when it is complete. To learn more about it go to I have always had this thing for Italy. It is so beautiful and Romantic and it just draws me to it. That is where I wanted to serve a mission. I even started teaching myself the language. I would love to go to Italy. Bellisimo! That is the first stamp I would like to receive in my passport!

Okay, who hasn't dreamt of taking a ride like this in their lifetime? One of those things I would love to do before I die... Ride in a gondola

The Piazza Navona

The Roman Colosseum

Fontana Di Trevi

Bella fiori... Meaning Beautiful Flowers

I know that I will make it there one day. Dreams do come true! For now I will have to be content with watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" to get my Italy Fix!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crafting away...

Well I will try to get some pictures on here, but I have been busy looking for some adorable ideas to implement in my new apartment and I tell you what the sky is the limit. I love how gracious people are in blogs and online, sharing their ideas and allowing me to "Do it Myself" and make these crafts and projects my own. I am so excited to post pics of my spin on some of these projects. My creative juices have been flowing and that makes me happy! You will see what I have been busy creating and crafting. So fun! My favorite part about all of this is that I have spent virtually no money. These were all created from trash to treasure and with the essential craft supplies I already had laying around the house. My next venture I am going to attempt today... I saw this on U Create, Kari featured it on her blog, but she got it from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop...

I love the look of this, and with the shelves I think it is very homey and cute! I'll post my take on it when I have finished!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What do you know?

Well, I just moved into the basement apartment of Ronda's house and I am so very excited! I am having fun cleaning and decorating and making it my own. I am looking for cute, inexpensive ideas to decorate and make it "homey" Cute ideas for lamps, or wall hangings or things to sit on my mantle... If you know of any good websites, have any cute ideas that you have implemented in your own home, or just have some fun ideas, let me know!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Attitude is Everything

Well, I am learning new things everyday and week, sometimes life's lessons take longer for me to figure out. My newest "AH hah" moment occured last week at Family Home Evening. Every monday night I go with a group of members from Farmington 2nd Ward for a Family Home Evening. We went this particular week up to Durango Colorado for the Bar D Wranglers Chuck Wagon Dinner. For those of you who have not been there, you should make it a point to go at some point. It is good "Clean" Fun! Well, as I have gotten older and wiser, I have matured. I really enjoyed myself at the Bar D and I had to call and apologize to my dear sweet mother for my behavior as an awnry teenager. My first trip to such a place as the Bar J in Wyoming was with my Mom and her friend Mary. I was a brat... Let me tell you. I did not enjoy myself and I sure let her know about it too. Well, there is a very valuable lesson in my "misbehavin" Attitude. I decided not to enjoy myself because lets face it, The Bar J wranglers are not "cool" when you are a punk rockin city Girl who is 17.
I learned this as well on my mission, I decided to love it and I did.
I hope that I can continue to Love life, improve my attitude and Enjoy Every moment.
I had a blast at the Bar D... It was so much fun!

The Bar D Wranglers...


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