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Saturday, June 27, 2009

From Drab to Fab...

I had a major dilemna while unpacking and trying to organize my Apartment... My necklaces were in a big bundle in a drawer. They were all tangled and not functional at all. I didn't wear half of them because it took a half hour each morning to free one from the snares of the other necklaces. I had this idea to take and hang them. Display them as art! I got this Bulletin Board... Plain and Boring.

I took and put ribbon on it, just scraps I had lying around and pinned them down with clear push pins. Totally functional as well because they became the "hooks" that the necklaces would hang from.

WHa La!! From Drab to FAB in only 10 minutes!

I love it. I have been wearing a different necklace everyday and I think it looks pretty too.

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