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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crafting away...

Well I will try to get some pictures on here, but I have been busy looking for some adorable ideas to implement in my new apartment and I tell you what the sky is the limit. I love how gracious people are in blogs and online, sharing their ideas and allowing me to "Do it Myself" and make these crafts and projects my own. I am so excited to post pics of my spin on some of these projects. My creative juices have been flowing and that makes me happy! You will see what I have been busy creating and crafting. So fun! My favorite part about all of this is that I have spent virtually no money. These were all created from trash to treasure and with the essential craft supplies I already had laying around the house. My next venture I am going to attempt today... I saw this on U Create, Kari featured it on her blog, but she got it from Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop...

I love the look of this, and with the shelves I think it is very homey and cute! I'll post my take on it when I have finished!

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