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Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween is coming, grab your candelabra...

So I have been absent from the blogging world, but I have been busy crafting and preparing for Halloween. I love LOVE LOVE Halloween and have been busy getting things ready for my Murder Mystery Dinner... I decided to do a Gothic Glam theme this year with Blacks and Silver. My first project was the Lighting... It has to be perfect. Eerie and set the mood for a creep-tackular but fun event!

I found these old hanging chandeliers at our local thrift store, Everything A-Z. Believe me they really do have everything. I asked for a chandelier and he went searching in the rafters and all over just to give me options. Very Nice! I love living in a little City with a small town feel! Love Farmington, Anyhow... they could have come with the glass bulbs as well but I was not interested in those. I was looking for something that I could turn into candelabras for cheap.

These originally hang and I took one look at them and knew they would be beautiful standing "upside down" as my spooky candelabras.

The detail is really beautiful. Very scrolly and swirly which I like. They are actually pretty heavy and I believe real brass. Very creep on their own, however they would not have matched my Silver Halloween dinner, so I had to change them.

I started by taking them completely apart. unscrewing and removing piece after piece. I removed all the wiring by snipping with wire cutters and pliers. All that remained were the brass pieces.

I cleaned the pieces really well with warm water and dish soap making sure to dry thoroughly and quickly. I hated to have to get rid of the dust and cobwebs as that is the desired look. you gotta love Halloween!!!

I then painted each piece with Silver Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish Spray Paint. This spray paint is really nice, it will pool up if you apply too much to begin with so do several coats. It also went a funny gray color if it was bumped while still wet, but you can spray over that and you can't even tell. This spray paint came in very handy for my other silver projects that I will share with you in the very near future.

The beautiful design of the top, I would love to just frame this piece and hang it, it would be beautiful art on the wall...

* * * * * BEFORE AND AFTER * * * * *

I then just hotglued the candles in the bowl of each arm. I used a lot of Hot glue to ensure that they would stay and also melted wax and just poured it into the bowl as well to make sure that they would not go anywhere! I dripped hot glue from the wick down the sides of the candles to make it look older and melty... A Very Cool effect that gave my excessive use of hot glue an excuse to be there.

The guy I got the chandeliers from even threw in a box of wood 2X4 scraps that he just gave me for free... Oh the possibilities...

Check back here soon to see what I did with these... super cute and super cheap!!

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