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Friday, June 12, 2009

Attitude is Everything

Well, I am learning new things everyday and week, sometimes life's lessons take longer for me to figure out. My newest "AH hah" moment occured last week at Family Home Evening. Every monday night I go with a group of members from Farmington 2nd Ward for a Family Home Evening. We went this particular week up to Durango Colorado for the Bar D Wranglers Chuck Wagon Dinner. For those of you who have not been there, you should make it a point to go at some point. It is good "Clean" Fun! Well, as I have gotten older and wiser, I have matured. I really enjoyed myself at the Bar D and I had to call and apologize to my dear sweet mother for my behavior as an awnry teenager. My first trip to such a place as the Bar J in Wyoming was with my Mom and her friend Mary. I was a brat... Let me tell you. I did not enjoy myself and I sure let her know about it too. Well, there is a very valuable lesson in my "misbehavin" Attitude. I decided not to enjoy myself because lets face it, The Bar J wranglers are not "cool" when you are a punk rockin city Girl who is 17.
I learned this as well on my mission, I decided to love it and I did.
I hope that I can continue to Love life, improve my attitude and Enjoy Every moment.
I had a blast at the Bar D... It was so much fun!

The Bar D Wranglers...

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