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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Easy and Chic $3.00 earrings

I saw these beads at Hobby Lobby yesterday and instantly thought

They were on sale too... Even Better! 50%
Making them $1.00 a piece!

Look at the pretty detail!

What you will need:
* The two beads
* Two Earring hooks
* Two matching beads
* Fashion cord wire
* Two crimper beads

Thread your wire through the big bead and then both ends of the wire through your little bead and crimper.

Thread your earring hook on and thread through both wires around and then back down through your crimper bead and your little bead. This will hide both wires.

Now you are ready to put it tight and crimp the bead. cut off the excess wire and Voila... Earrings that cost less than $3.00. I think they are super cute.

I am wearing them today with my matching red boots! Too fun!

Go check out Hobby Lobby! They have a WHOLE array of beads that are similar to this. I am usually a diamond stud in the ear kind of girl,
 but when inspired, I will go all out!

1 comment:

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

those are awesome! i think my kid would rip them out of my ears, but I LOVE the way they look!


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