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Friday, January 22, 2010

More Valentine's Day love coming your way....

I love LOVE... What can I say!
 So, yesterday... lots of snow led to EVERYTHING in New Mexico being shut down and closed. Everyone stays home and holes up in their houses to avoid the snowy roads.
I went home a couple hours early from work, so that gave me some time to finish up some of my Valentine's Day decorations I had in progress.
They are so super cute! I love how they turned out. I even impressed myself a little...

I started with this chipboard mailbox I got at Hobby Lobby! Ronda and I both got one so that we could sit on our tables.
 What a cute little box to invite people to give you "Love notes"

I started by spray painting the flag and the inside of the box with Red Spray Paint. Continuing with my black white and red theme for the day of Love, I chose this paper that had the amazing detail on it. The other papers in the pack had the same detail on them, but with white birds. I loved the silhouettes on the paper, but didn't like the placement of the birds after putting it on the box. So, instead I used the paper that didn't have the birds and used Vinyl birds I fell in love with and cut out a long time ago.

I put the birds on and took a good look and realized that it didn't look Valentine's Dayish at all! Then it hit me...

I added hearts...

Ribbon....... and more hearts...

This has to be my favorite side and part of the whole mailbox.
I took more of the patterned paper and cut along the outside of the "flourishing pattern" and put it on the box. So now it has a 3-dimensional pop out. Oh I love it!

Alright now it is here and ready to recieve Love notes...
* * *  Hint Hint * * *

The Black white and red "LOVE" I got from Hobby Lobby.
My mailbox inspired my next project!!!

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