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Monday, January 18, 2010

Phasing out Purple.... The beginning!

I love the color purple. It has been my favorite color since I was four. I love purple, and it just so happens to be my birthstone as well. I am not one of those crazy people though, who wear all purple outfits and have EVERYTHING purple... Like a purple car, or purple hair. I love purple, but in moderation. When I was younger, though I loved it and I let my room show it! I had purple walls in my room, that we ragrolled with white. It was great for my tween and teen years. I had purple pillows and bedding, and pictures, and then all the little purple accents.
I am a woman now and am doing what I can to phase out the purple and bring in Reds and yellows and MY FAVORITE NOW... Black and White!
I started in my bedroom. I gave my purple bedding to Tori, another purple loving teen. I then transferred all my purple sadly into the living room. Well, now I am working to phase it out and change it... on my budget! First and foremost, I found these little bitties at Target for $4.00 each. Cannot beat that for a pillow cover! So I started with my throw pillows. I love the idea of a cover because I have covers that I made for fall and Christmas, so I can switch it out for each holiday. Cute pillows for each season without having to find a place to Store all the pillows!

* * * * BEFORE * * * *

* * * * AFTER * * * *

I am not done transforming my pillows either, I want to add a cute Black detail to the red pillows. Be it Black buttons or a cute fabricy something. I will show you when I am done. The Couches came with the apartment I live in right now. I cannot wait to have my own house. Then I can buy nice couches and furniture! That will be so much fun! I have so many more pictures to show you, I just have to scan them into the computer.

So, on Saturday I went shopping with Ronda. We went to Real Deals, Hobby Lobby and Wal-mart. I got some great Deals. I think My Favorite was this wreath! Originally $15.00. Guess how much I got it for?

At 75% off I got it for a whole $3 and 45 cents! Hahaha it made me so giddy! I kept saying over and over, I cannot believe I got that wreath for so little! Hahaha I love after season sales!

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