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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new Year, a New Beginning!

I have been gone a while... but NOW is the time to make changes and goals.
I had a lovely Christmas at home in Salt Lake with Family. I had a good New Years and now I am ready to tackle another year. I am so grateful for the New Year. A time to reflect on the year previous and set goals that will make the coming year a wonderful memory.

I have set some goals for myself that will help me grow and become a better, more talented woman. I hope that I can improve and share what I have to offer to the world.

I take inspiration in my goal setting from this quote...
"Use what talents you possess. The world would be silent if no birds sang except those who sang best."

I refrain from calling my Goals "Resolutions" because I believe that resolutions are always broken, whereas a goal is set and planned and executed. I know I am funny!!

My goals for this year...

* Focus more and dedicate more of my attention to my blog. This year was a startup and I am still learning every day how to improve the design and look of my blog. I am still learning the basics of the blogging world. I am working toward getting a mini laptop that will be my "blogging computer." I think it will help!

* Improve my singing voice. Put myself out there and gain confidence in the talent that I already have. I tried out for a solo for a Stake Conference we are having. Elder Scott will be in attendance and that is nerve wracking... Not to mention, singing in front of EVERYONE I know. Eek!


These are my two main focuses... At least for the first couple months of this year!

Please Bear with me! I can promise that you will like what I have coming! It will just take some time and money to get where I want to be!!

Here is to a Great Year! 2010

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