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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How will you be remembered?

I wanted to share with you all something that is very near and dear to my heart... That is Journaling. I have been keeping a journal since I turned eight years old. I cannot find most of them, (which is a scary thought) but the journals I do have are my prized possession.

What else are we here on Earth for, but to Gain Experience? My Journals are a record of my Experiences. My Deep, personal, intimate thoughts, feelings and experiences.
I love Journaling and here are just a few reasons why...
* They help me REMEMBER
* I Find that writing in a journal is SOO Therapeutic. I write out any frustrations and trials I am going through so that I can take a step back and read my own words and work things out.
* Writing in a journal can be a very spiritual experience. I receive revelation for myself as I write things down. A Revelation unrecorded is a Revelation Lost.
* I want my Children and Grandchildren to know who I was, what I stand for, and the things I believe in.

There are so many different reasons for keeping a journal. Start small. If you have never been a journal keeper, there is no time like the present. Take it one day at a time.
I would give a general overview of who you are, where you live, major facts about yourself, things you like/dislike. I usually do an introduction on the first page, just so those reading know right off who the Author of the journal is.

Before I left on my mission, I made a pact with myself that I would write in my Journal EVERYDAY! I wanted to forever remember the experiences I had. The things I learned not only about myself, but about other people are priceless. A mission was the best thing I could have ever done for MY life. I am such a better person now because of it. Here are the four journals from my Mission. This is the sum of a year and a half of my life... All down on paper.

Some general things that I look for when picking a journal...
* I like Big pages so that I can fit a whole day on one page. I like to insert keepsakes in my journals. Like programs, or talks or cards that made my day, or little momentos. (those things that you hate to throw away, but have no idea where to put them. I like this because then it is right there on the day that you are actually writing the experience down and telling the story. It is like a book with Pictures!! hahaha
* I like to use different colored pens. I love Color and nothing screams boring to me like a whole book of black ink, it is great when reading a novel, but my life is definately not a novel.  

* You can use any bound book that you want, as long as it has blank lined paper on the inside. I was buying pre-made journals as you can see up above, but then I ran out of new options so I just bought this book and recovered it myself.

I put "My Journey" on the side binding. I liked the idea of personalizing the title and making it mean something to me. I want to Enjoy the walk, not just the destination. Personalize the title of your journal too.

I used Clear Duck Laminate which works perfectly for this project. This roll will last you forever too, I highly recommend it.
I put my journey on the side binding with stickers. It is fun to put a different title on yours to make it your own. I try to live for Each and Every Moment, to enjoy not only the destination, but the journey to get there as well. Enjoying the Journey!
One final tip that I use:
I keep a set of sticky notes in the back of my journal so that if I do not have time to write in my journal I can jot a note down of the day and what I want to include so that I can go back to it later and write about it.
Here is an example:

This is an example of one that I included while on the mission. See how messy, yet colorful my journal pages can be! Haha I love it!
I hope that this will inspire you to get writing in your own journal. I am goingt to give a tutorial tomorrow on how I cover them, little tips and tricks that I use. Also I have another story that will hopefully inspire you to get writing. I know it inspired me!

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