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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Perfect Bow!

The other day I was needing a cute bow... What is a girl to do???
Ronda showed me this nifty trick that has probably been around for YEARS and just didn't even know about it!
The two finger bow...
But what about those of us who don't have an extra pair of hands around to assist us in our bow making???
What is a girl to do?
Well I got an idea and went to work...
I took a board, two dowels and a drill and got busy!
I took a ruler and a pencil and marked on the wood board inch intervals where I would be drilling the holes.
I drilled the holes... notice they are not perfectly straight... hahahaha that is so funny. That is definately something I made!! haha
You can leave it like this and it is totally functional this way.
Just insert your dowels at the different sizes of the bow you want and craft away.
* However *
I cannot just have a wood colored board laying around all my beautifully decorated craft supplies... so I put some pizazz on my "Perfect Bow" Maker. I painted it black... Added ribbon...

I added White Vinyl letters so that anyone else would know what it is for.
okay... now how in the world do you use the darn thing??? I will show you!!! No worries!

How to make
"The Perfect Bow"
*Wrap your ribbon around the two dowels and cross in the front.*
*Hold onto the bottom ribbon and pull the top ribbon underneath and through the middle of the two dowels.*
* Bring ribbon to the front *
*Tie the two strands of the ribbon together*
*Ta Da!! you have just made the perfect bow!!!*
I will soon show you my favorite use for little ribbon bows!


Simply Stunning said...

I love this idea! I'm an absolute TERRIBLE bow maker... what an awesome solution! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

That's great!! I always wondered how my mom made those perfect little bows! : ) Thanks for sharing. : )

Stephanie said...

genius! now i just need to learn to use a drill.. draw a straight line and get some vinyl!

Hollis said...

Haha That is hilarious Stephanie... I love it!

KTLADY said...

Holly, you seriously need to just get a patent for this or something. You could make some moolah with this great idea. And you're giving it away for free!!!


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