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Monday, February 8, 2010

My sweet little canisters...

Saturday I was on a roll... We went shopping. I found some of the SWEETEST Deals Ever. I was so excited. I found these little Bitties at Hobby Lobby.
The big one was only $5.46 and the two small ones were $3.40 a piece. It was just TOO good to pass up! $12.26 for three really pretty porcelain canisters. The big one has a chip on it, but with a little Elmers Glue, you can't even tell. Plus, I will put it to the back anyway. No Sweat!
I took that and turned it into this....
Three beautiful canisters to hold Doggie Treats, Flour and sugar... Oh joy!
With a little Ribbon and
and maybe some buttons...
I added this little puppy foot... I love the buttons. I think it is just a little something extra! I love it!
TIP: I only have the regular stick vinyl. So in order for the vinyl to stay on for years to come and last through washes, I just put a little dab of super glue on the backside of each of the letters.
This works.... the vinyl is not going anywhere.

I love it! Only $12.26 for these beauties...
Good Luck and Happy hunting!!!

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