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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yummy Valentine's Day cookie Bouquet

At one of my former jobs, one of my co-workers always brought in these DELICIOUS Cookies...
They are so yummy! I love them. I have not made them until now! I get some of my best inspiration at night as I am laying my head on the pillow to go to sleep! So, as I was falling asleep this little bitty was born...

My Take on a Cookie Bouquet...
* Ritz Crackers (I know crazy, but they are so yummy as this cookie, I promise)
* Creamy Peanut Butter
*White Chocolate
*Sprinkles (Optional) I added sprinkles to them to give the cute factor, but they do not need them.
They actually taste better without sprinkles on them.
*Bamboo Sticks
Lay out your Ritz Crackers on wax paper and spread the peanut butter on each cracker. I put the bamboo skewer in the center and added a little extra peanut butter to the center to compensate for the stick.
Mmmm.... Peanut buttery goodness!
*Put your ritz crackers with the peanut butter in the fridge*
This is a very important step. Let them chill for about 20 minutes.
This keeps the peanut butter firm while dipping in the white chocolate
 so you don't have a peanut buttery mess!

*While you are waiting you can work on the tin holder!!*

Melt your white chocolate on a medium heat. Once the chocolate has melted, remove it from burner. I use a saucepan with water and a stainless steel bowl that I set on top. This works great! You don't need a special pan to melt the chocolate in.
I just spoon the chocolate onto the cookie. The bamboo skewers are super handy for this step.
Now you can sprinkle the sprinkles onto your cookie... I really wanted to use Ritz in the shape of hearts for Valentine's Day, but they do not have them. All I could find was football shaped Ritz. Darnit! So the sprinkles give it that same cutesy Valentine's Day Flair.

I tried using a stencil for the hearts and that just didn't work with the melted chocolate so I just used my fingers and put the sprinkles on in a -V- and it worked! *Sigh*
Oh aren't they just cute??? Don't worry about the big blob of a cookie to the right, while it is still soft just trace around the shape of the cookie with a toothpick and it will not be a ginormous blob when it hardens!
These Cookies really are so yummy! You should try them! You will love them. They are SO Easy!
After you make them, E-mail me at and let me know how they turned out!

Now that the cookies are ready, let's make the container they are going into...

I started with a craft ball... Hard foam
I cut it in thirds with a saw. This way it will fit into the container and I can do this bouquet 3 times!!
Insert your foam in the top of the container.
I made mine flush with the top rim of the vase.
I took squares of tissue paper and folded them around the end of a paint brush.

I put dabs of craft glue in sporatic places and using the same paintbrush end, I put the tissue paper on the glue. I pushed them into the foam with the brush as well to make them really secure.

Add Ribbon (of course) and Voila... you have a cute little Valentine bucket!!!
You are now ready to insert your cookies and go!!!
 So Pretty and so EASY!!!
Your kids will love it!
I will be posting in the summer, my idea for a Summer Fruit Bouquet...
Stay tuned!!!

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Jenny said...

These look so yummy and cute!

The Gray Barn said...

This is such a cute idea....I'm glad I found it...perfect for many occasions. Can't wait to taste the cookies!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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