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Thursday, July 16, 2009

One project down, three more started...

I blogged a couple weeks ago about this Framed Family wall hanging I wanted to do and I have finally completed it!!! It took a really long time and I had to take a lot of Breaks (if you know what I mean) but it is well worth the effort. I love the end result.
So this is the picture I was going off of. All it takes for me normally is a picture and I figure out my own way to get it done...

Voila!!! These are my finished frames... Sorry for the Glare.

I first found some varying size frames.. THanks Dollar Store. Painted them all Black. I printed the letters that I wanted in the sizes I wanted off the computer. I traced them on the glass with a sharpie. I painted on the inside the letters. I then Glued them into the frame, added a little Ribbon. I can never have too much Ribbon and hung.

I am not leaving them all alone on the wall. I have two little shelves that I want to hang with or around the frames and I also want to put black and white pictures of my family up in black frames around the Framed Letters... So excited!

Here are two teasers of my two upcoming projects... I found this old window in the back of an antique shop sitting up against the back wall. It was full of spiders and dirt and is perfect for my next project.

I have always loved the big metal stars that people hang or display on mantles and walls. I love them. However they are so dang expensive and I just cannot justify spending $30-$40 for something to hang on my wall. I found this little goody at an antique/craft store here in Farmington. It is a chip and salsa bowl and I found it for $3.00. I have already started painting and mod podging and gluing and it is going to be really cute. Very Excited! Will post final product when done.

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