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Monday, July 13, 2009

From Drab to Fab REDO!!!

Well I posted my necklace holder that took all but 10 minutes to make. I wasn't happy with the end product as there was brown. I am not the biggest fan of brown wood. I got the go ahead to paint it, so I did. I think it looks much much better.
I love ribbon and spray paint. A Crafty Girls best friend!
I am much happier with this end result... Scroll down to see the before and now the big Finish! Love it!

Hooray for Vinyl... I am lucky enough to work in at a glass shop where we use vinyl letting to do sandblast etching, so I seized the moment and asked Wyatt how to take the image I painted and turn it into vinyl. I painted the yellow. we scanned it. after a lot of computer manipulation to get the lines straight and the cuts right... this is the end result. One of my favorite quotes. I made this in brown and white. And in Black and Red... so purrty!

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