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Monday, July 13, 2009

Having oh so much fun!

Moving into the basement apartment of my new Casa has flipped the creative swith in my head and I have jumped head first into crafting and Making my House a "Home!" I love it! I am having so much fun! Here are some of the little cute projects I have been working on!
First, all this crafting and repurposing/reusing had me looking for some good yard sale finds... I found these at a yard sale in Salt Lake when I was up for the weekend to see my family. $7.50 later and I have some great raw material to work with and make beautiful!

The Letters are Pottery Barn and spell out EAT ATE or TEA... Too cute

Did I mention I love spray paint??

This is obviously not the finished product, but when it is complete you know that there will be pictures.

This little jewel here, was a $10.00 plain white lamp that I got at Wal-Mart. It was boring. So I spray painted the base, added a touch of ribbon and voila, a sweet little lamp for the bedside.

Lit Up...

I made this cute wreath with an inexpensive vine I got at walmart and then hot glued the sunflowers on. I found the WeLcome wood sign at the dollar store and tried it white, yellow and black. White Popped... so it stayed

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