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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Mistletoe Winners....

Oh my Goodness, it is that time again... where we pack up and close the end of another fun and oh so exciting giveaway!!!
First before I announce the Very Very Very Lucky Winners, let me tell you what We have all learned from this Giveaway! There is not enough romancing going on underneath that sweet little mistletoe. So, in order for us to change this, I am including in each of the Winner's little treat bags... THeir very own mistletoe to use and enjoy this year.

I want to hear some fun stories!!! My cheeks are blushing already!
What a fun tradition to start.

Well Ladies, are you ready for the big reveal? There is one lucky lady out there who won the "Meet me under the Mistletoe" Vinyl sign in the colors shown.

The Winner of this one is...
Beautifully Inspired...
Her comment read...
"When my husband and I were just dating we were at a Christmas party and the hostess was walking around with the mistletoe in hand hanging it over the couples. We were sitting on the couch and the hostess came up to us and dangled the mistletoe over our heads... We went to kiss and all of a sudden her dog jump on our laps and licked me on the cheek.. Guess the dog thought the rules applied to him too!
Hows that for a story? Well truth be told I made it up.. I don't have any funny stories :(
Great giveaway though!
How is that for a story? Hahaha it made me smile.

Now don't get discouraged, I told you there would be more than one winner!
The winner of the same sign but in a different color combination is...
"I honestly have never been kissed under the mistletoe either. We've never had any at our house, but I guess if I had this decoration I might have to track some down:) Thanks! "

AND...Barbara Jean
"This is great! Love the phrase you chose. Please enter my name. =0))
as far as being kissed under the mistletoe, I do not think I have ever been!
So, I think being 61 years old, and married almost 41 years, I'd better remedy that. =0))
Thanks for the idea and the giveaway. =0)
barbara jean"

Roeshel from The DIY Showoff
"I have to enter too even though I've never been kissed under the mistletoe! I think I need a big neon sign. ;)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my goodness... THat was oh so much FUn! So, if your name is on here, send me an e-mail with your address and I will get that pretty package sent off your way!

Keep your eyes peeled because I will be having more giveaways in the very near future!


The DIY Show Off said...

Hurray!!! With the sign and mistletoe, I better grab some "Scope" and get ready to make up for some lost time! haha

Thanks so much! I'm SOOO excited! You are so generous! :)

Thanks for making my day!

Beautifully Inspired said...

I am so very excited!
You also made my day!


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