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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meet me under the Mistletoe... Giveaway!

Oh how we all love the age old tradition of kissing under the Mistletoe. I always splurge and buy the real deal every year. It smells so good, like Raisins! However, I like the anticipation of getting caught underneath it more...

I was talking with my Sister Marci last night and she asked me about the Vinyl sign that we put up last year that said "Meet me under the Mistletoe." She can't find hers so I told her I would cut her one today.
I cut her letters.... AND..... Drumroll Please
I cut extra... So I am going to have another GIveaway!!! Woo HOo!

YOu know how this game is played...
1) Follow My Blog
2) Leave a Comment
*AND* just for fun
3)Tell us a story about a time you got a "memorable" kiss under the mistletoe! I want to hear some funny ones too. I know I have been embarrassed a time or two under the mistletoe, myself!
Here is what the Vinyl looks like that you will get in the Mail!

This Giveaway will close on the Tuesday December 1st! I am so excited! There is going to be more than one winner this go around!
So ENTER, ENTER, ENTER!!! Oh this is so exciting!
I will put it up on the wall tonight and show you how and what you are supposed to do with it once you win! That will come tomorrow! So much fun!


Beautifully Inspired said...

When my husband and I were just dating we were at a Christmas party and the hostess was walking around with the mistletoe in hand hanging it over the couples. We were sitting on the couch and the hostess came up to us and dangled the mistletoe over our heads... We went to kiss and all of a sudden her dog jump on our laps and licked me on the cheek.. Guess the dog thought the rules applied to him too!

Hows that for a story? Well truth be told I made it up.. I don't have any funny stories :(

Great giveaway though!


Welcome.... said...

Funny thing is, I was in Big Lots and they were selling artifical mistletoes and I thought to myself, "I'm going on 30 and never been kissed under a mistletoe"! Then, I remembered why, if I give the hubby an inch, he'll take a mile. Kiss him under the miseltoe in my red attire and he may think Christmas came early! My goodness, I'm someone's mother (2 boys), he can't grop me like that anymore (you know just in case the boys are reading this).

I love the vinyl art that you're giving away and hope that I am one of your lucky winners!

Barbara Jean said...

This is great! Love the phrase you chose. Please enter my name. =0))

as far as being kissed under the mistletoe, I do not think I have ever been!
So, I think being 61 years old, and married almost 41 years, I'd better remedy that. =0))
Thanks for the idea and the giveaway. =0)


barbara jean

christin said...

I honestly have never been kissed under the mistletoe either. We've never had any at our house, but I guess if I had this decoration I might have to track some down:) Thanks!
christinbanda at yahoo dot com

Josh and Alli said...

I still haven't ever been kissed under the mistletoe...sad isn't it? This year for sure!


The DIY Show Off said...

I have to enter too even though I've never been kissed under the mistletoe! I think I need a big neon sign. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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