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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I cannot believe it myself...

How many of us love the pine garlands and boughs to adorn our windows, doors and mantles? I (and here is the cheap-o side of me) cannot justify spending $12 for those garlands, that are usually pretty skimpy anyways. While putting up my tree this year, I know, I know Thanksgiving isn't even here yet... I got an epiphany!!!
A VERY inexpensive way to get the look without having to fork over the dough!
I went to the local Salvation Army where they had a ton of old discarded faux Christmas Trees that were in pretty bad condition. I must have looked pretty scroungy that day, because when I asked the lady about the trees, she doubtingly asked "do you have a dollar?" Haha. Anyway I will show you what I got...
I got all of this.....

... For $1.00 Yes you read that right... One Dollar! I was so giddy and wanted to run to the car with my loot before she changed her mind! Oh Happy Day!
These are the fake trees with a long metal rod, with the pine pieces attached by twiney string wrapped around and around to keep them together.

To get them apart, you don't even need wire cutters. Just take one of the individual pine pieces and pull... REALLY Hard!!! My arm is still sore. Haha but I saved lots of money, which of course makes it even better. Once you pull one, the rest come out of their little nestled branch pretty easily! IF you have a husband, you can put him to work here! And you'll get a bunch of these ready to be played and crafted with.

A Work in Progress. Here is a wreath that I am working on... I used some pieces and thought the brown branches looked really good against the green. * *sigh* *

Here it is adorning my mantle. Don't you just love those Ho Ho Ho letters? Too Cute! My mom got those for me at Swiss Days in Utah.

This is not the last you have seen of these little piney friends. I will show you the other things I come up with for these pines! Oh and if you have ideas or make somthing, Please share it with me! I would love to see what you all come up with!

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