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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

I did this project and thought that it was totally cool and unique and right as I am about to post about it, I see on my dashboard two other posts about tomato cage trees! OH man! I guess it isn't too hard to see the tomato cage and think Christmas tree. Great Minds think alike!! Well Anyway, here is my (what I thought was original) version of the tomato cage christmas tree.

I started by pulling the top of the tomato cage together and gluing it together.

I then spray painted the cage white so that it would not be so dark against the white of the fabric.
I strung icicle lights around the cage (on the inside)holding it to the cage with twist ties and hot glue. I then just draped the semi sheer white fabric around it. I like the folds in the fabric. I used twist ties in places to make it stay. I don't want the fabric to be permanent, just so that I can take the fabric off and store for use next year!

This picture just does not do it just whatsoever! It is really pretty in person. They light up and add to the warm mood and feel of the room.

For the topper, I used snowflake ornaments that are clear and glittery that I already had.
The DIY Show Off

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The DIY Show Off said...

Ohhhh! How pretty! I love them! I haven't seen others yet so you're my creative genius. ;)

Thanks for linking your projects to the DIY holiday party!



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