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Friday, December 4, 2009

WARNING: This project contains Glitter!

I saw a drawing of the North Pole somewhere. I don't remember exactly where, but it was the inspiration I needed to create this purtty little craft project.

I started with this foam ball. Styrofoam works great for this as well!

It is the foam used for flower arrangements so I had to spray paint it to keep it from shedding everywhere and to hold the glitter.

I put my red glitter in a pie tin. This works great as it will catch any loose or extra glitter that falls! I used this big plastic glitter. I love it

I used diluted Elmer's Glue and just painted it right onto the ball

then smash the ball into the glitter. I did one half at a time so the glitter wouldn't get everywhere.

After the glitter had dried I sprayed it with this gloss just to really seal it to the ball. This helped ALOT! Glitter wasn't flying after this step.

Next I took the "pole" and spray painted it white. This is the inner tube for Vinyl. You can check at your kids school and see if they have the middle tube for their butcher paper. Or check at a craft store, see if they have any lying around. Or you can use a skinny pole or wood pole. Be Creative!

I loved this tube because it had two "lines" that I could follow as a guide to make my red glittery stripe.

I just painted on with my diluted Elmer's and put the glitter on. Let dry and spray with gloss again. Very easy!
DO NOT OVERSPRAY the glitter on the pole. IF you do the red on the glitter will run. It happened. I always tend to overdo it on the spray!! ahhaha but It is an easy fix if it does happen. just wipe away as much as you can while it is wet and then paint over with white.

I then added the strand of red blingity beads... just for a little extra somethin somethin!

Next I grabbed an old flower pot from the garage. You need something to set your pole it and have it stay standing up!
Spray Painted it REd! I Love Spray Paint!!
the Bottom inside of this pot was perfect. It sat perfectly in the center!

Hot glue it as best you can, but do not worry. We will add more to stabilize this bad boy in there!

Now you will take these little pine pieces and glue them around the inside edge of the pot. filling that space as much as possible!

Next take some pinecones... "MMmmm... Pineconessssss..." haha I had to go all the way to Utah to get some good pinecones! I gave them a frosted look with some Ivory Gloss spray paint! (Don't you just love my spray painting board?)

Glue on top of the pine... oh so puuuurrty!

Oh the completed pole, but wait there is more...

Now, just in case you cannot tell by looking at it, that it is supposed to be THE North Pole. I made a cutesy sign to go with it!
First paint your board...

Then do some speckling. I dilute white acrylic paint. I just add a little water to my brush and then pick up some white paint. Hold your brush like this in your hand.
A toothbrush works great for this as well. and slowly let go of the bristles to let the paint splatter onto the board.
Aim down toward the board in order for it to splatter in the right direction. onto the board and not onto your clothes.

Splattering gives you this look... It is very country to me! Love it!

After it has dried you are ready to put your letters on. I used my favorite... Vinyl of course. But you can use stencils or hand paint the letters just as easily. I used the leftover snowflakes from this project
ahhh... How cute a North pole sign.

Welcome to the North Pole!

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