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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adorable Stocking & Candleholder from... you'll never guess!

So I was shopping around the local Dollar Tree the other day. I have seen all over Blogland all the cute ornaments that everyone has been posting from the Dollar Store. Sadly I did not find those ornaments that I was looking for, but I did find a very curious and rare find. I found THE perfect Ivory knit sweater. It was actually an Express sweater but there it was in the clothes bin at the Dollar Store calling my name.
I picked it up and I will show you what I made with it!!! I am so pleased!
I made this beauty just by drawing on the sweater (with a blue sharpie... way pro, I know) the stocking shape that I wanted. With the cuff. Thankfully a Lovely lady saved me and surged it for me... She saw me sitting there trying to "hand sew" this knit material and she took pity on me. She sewed it in about 1 minute! So sweet!

I just took the remains of a red Gerbera Daisy that my dogs tried to eat and attached it with a button onto the front cuff. I used jute as my hanger and voila. a cute stocking to match these....
Sweater Candle Hurricanes

I seriously just cut off the end of the sleeve and put it on the glass hurricane. I didn't even glue or sew or anything. They just fit right on.

I love them lit. They look so good! Especially with the Ivory frames I have above my fireplace. It looks so good!!! They look so much better in person. I promise!

Can you believe that I made these beauties for a $1.00?
I love being fabulously Frugal!
Here they are on my Mantle!
I love my mantle and was really pleased with how it turned out!!!

The DIY Show Off


The DIY Show Off said...

Holly! I love it! Great minds think alike! or at least along the same lines. I'm wanting that exact type of sweater to make some pillows! lol

Thanks for linking your creativity to the DIY holiday party! :)


Deb said...

Oh, I love the framed "SAVIOR"!!! I'm thinking I'll have to try something like that next year!!! Thanks for such a precious idea!!! If you get a chance, check out both of my blogs!!


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