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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Live for Each Moment Loves Buttons...

Remember My To Do List... Well I saw this purtty little Button Garland from
Ballard Designs For a set of 3, it is $30.00 for 9' of garland!

I loved this... I LOVE BUTTONS!!! I am SO CHEAP though. I really could not justify spending $30.00 for a garland. Even though now that I have completed the projects, this really isn't so bad. But I figured that I could make the same for nothing. I chose red, green and white for my tree. I have a huge stockpile of buttons and already had the string so I went to work.

String it then tie the back to make it stay... REally Easy but time consuming!

It looks really cute on the tree. I will show you my Finished tree Very Soon!

It would be really cute as the top string for a "Merry Christmas Garland"

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