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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What would Fall be without a Caramel Apple?

You know me... I like things to be easy, fast and inexpensive! The less I have to measure the better!
I made caramel apples yesterday for the party tomorrow and thought I would show you how I do things. Be prepared to be amazed. No measuring or sifting or counting involved!
* Apples (I made 12)
* Store bought individually wrapped caramels (I used the Kraft caramels in the yellow bag)
* craft sticks or popsicle sticks (The Kraft caramels come with 5 in each bag)
* two cans sweetened condensed milk
That is it, Seriously! You don't need anything else, I promise.

* * * * Step 1 * * * *
Remove all the wrappers from the caramels... this can be kind of tedious, but if you have little ones they will love this step.

* * * * Step 2 * * * *
Put the caramels and the sweetened condensed milk into a sauce pan and put it on low heat. Stir constantly. This is quite tedious and takes a bit of time, but it is SO worth it! IF your heat is too high, it will scorch the bottom and you will have chunks in the caramel. Believe me I know. I have tried to cheat time before!

* * * * Step 3 * * * *
Now you can take the time to peel the stickers off your apples and wash them. Dry them thoroughly so the water does not get into the caramel. insert your sticks at least half way through the apple.

* * * * Step 4 * * * *
Haha, Keep stirring... Oh look at that pretty caramel color! My mouth is salivating

* * * * Step 5 * * * *
Check to see that the caramel is done and ready to coat the apple. I do this by dropping a dab of caramel into some cold water. If it is chewy and the consistency that I want, it is done. No Candy thermometer needed!
this is the best I could do as far as a picture of this step is concerned! I was working by myself and had to juggle hot caramel and a camera.
* * * * Step 6 * * * *
The best part... DIp your apple!
I use a spoon to help coat it. Pushing the caramel up the sides.

* * * * Step 7 * * * *
Place on wax paper and let cool. I love this caramel. IT is really chewy and smellicious! It perfumes the whole house!

So there you have it, your basic Caramel Apple!
I had left over caramel, so I just cut up an apple and ate it with it. You could make more covered apples though.
Everyone have a wonderful Fall Season! I hope that you enjoy your time with family and friends!
IF you do make this recipe, please comment and share with me how things turned out. I love and appreciate all comments! They warm my heart!

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