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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's your Sign...

So have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Vinyl? Well I do. A Lot. I love to sit down on the computer, type in a cutesy wootsy phrase and see it come to life on a craft or in a decoration! IT is so fast and so clean. I love that it looks professional and complete.
I have gone Vinyl crazy while learning Flexisign at work. Sooo much fun! Here are some of the signs I have made... and other places I have used Vinyl...
I love this sign, It is hanging over the food table/Buffet for my party. I added the googly eyes from the dollar store. I think it gives it personality

When I envision my basement for the party, I want it to look and feel like you are walking into a witch's home and seeing some of the things she would have around. So here is a sign I made on the flexisign program. I took an iceskate and cut and stretched and rearranged to make it look like a witch's shoe. Although NOW I wish I would have made a curvy point, but this will do. It was all originally painted on white vinyl, but I needed color so I hand painted it after it was adhered to the sign. I glued on some spiders and buttons and Voila... A very cute witch's foot!

This was a two second sign. spray paint board and put on Vinyl... Yeah!

Thank you Roeshel for the phrase... I thought it was adorable so I made a small one and stuck it on with this owl. Boy was that fun to peel... Love the ribbon!

Here is my big witch's cauldron that will hold the root beer and dry ice!

And then her little baby cauldron to match. I even put this same skull and crossbones on the plastic container holding the eating utensils

This was another easy spray, dry, peel, and stick. I used this black mesh that I have had for years to make the hanging part and cuten it up. I love cutesy!

I am even putting vinyl on pumpkins... I want to make a more sophisticated looking pumpkin. My next project!!! This was a quickie I put together this morning... HEY Frank A!

Here is my Branch tree that I have seen all over blog land. I added ting tings to mine to fill it and give it some whimsy! I like how it turned out. Sorry for the blurry pic.

All of the wood for the signs I got from work... they were the scrap pieces that were just lying around. My Boss decided it would be a good idea to let me use this...

Crazy I know, Me and a Hack saw... What was he thinking? hahaha I am very careful though. For sure, I do not want to lose any fingers and have to suffer through being called nubs the rest of my life. One day I was in the back of the shop chopping some long pieces down, and both Roger and Aaron about had a heart attack. They came running worried that one of Wyatt's kids had gotten a hold of the saw. No, it was just me. I cannot help though every time I use it to just laugh with glee like a little girl. It is really fun to use, I must admit. There is definately a certain sense of satisfaction in saying "Yeah, I know how to use a hack saw..." No big deal. I am pretty versatile though. That is how mY Mama raised me. We didn't always have a man around so we would have to just fix it ourselves. I know how to use a hammer and power tools. I am glad I am so independant. That is one of my favorite things about myself. If there is a problem, I can usually come up with a solution. I can figure it out!
(Sidenote: if you look at the picture of the hack saw, there is a tube on it about to be chomped! THat is another big project I am working on. I will show it to you when I am done... Don't you love the suspense???) Mwah ha ha

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The DIY Show Off said...

Holy cow! These are all so cute! You've done a great job girl! I'm impressed with your use of that saw too! I wish I was coming to the party! It's going to be awesome!

And I can't wait to see what you're up to!



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