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Friday, October 16, 2009

THe Big Event is Tonight!

Oh mY goodness! So my Halloween Party is tonight!~ It is here, I can hardly believe it! I am so excited! It is going to be so much fun! I cannot wait! I was up til 1 AM last night doing some finishing touches on the room and getting everything presentable. I work until 3 today and then I am going to hit the pavement running!!! I have to get EVERYTHING done before my guests arrive at 6. I need dry ice and some fake lashes and then I am good.
So I procrastinated my costume and finally pulled something off at 6 AM this morning. Talk about cutting it close! I am going red!
I decided to do a glam look with makeup and hair. I am so excited. I got some inspiration and makeup tips from "The Classic Pin up Girl Makeup How to" A tutorial featured on You Tube.

So, I hope I can pull this look off and look like The "Dame Allison Bigh" herself!! Hahaha, That is the name of my character that I will play in this game "How to host a Murder" tonight. The Watersdown Affair! I didn't have to buy this thankfully! My friend owned it, so she is hosting the game portion and just letting us play. So Excited!
This is my Character Description:
Dame Allison Bigh
"A renowned author of English Mystery Novels, Dame Bigh has enjoyed great popularity and success since her best seller, "The Knife Slices Coldly," was published two years ago. Since that time, her writing has been generously praised for its lifelike characterization of the criminal mind. The Dame is a guest at Watersdown to gather material and set the mood for her new book, which is a sequel to "The Knife..." Sir Roger is a great admirer of her work. Dame Bigh is known as "Ali" to close friends."
Costume Suggestion: A long, Flowing Dress, not too low-cut, dignified but not spinsterish.
Oh man, I am so excited! I will post a ton of pics of the decor and the big Event! I will also include all my friends/guests and their costumes! Soo So much fun!


Jake and Heidi said...

you are very crafty! I like the things you have made! :)

The DIY Show Off said...

So, how'd the party go?! Still recovering? haha I can't wait to see some pictures. All of the prep looked fabulous! :)



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