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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Block letters... Black and Glitter... Love it

So, I told you about the chandelier search and making them into candelabras. The helpful man also gave me a box of 2 X 4's that I teased you with. Now for the Reveal!!! So much FUn!
I love that they were cut, raw, and pretty beat up. It just adds to the whole Creepy feel and look of things.
* * * BEFORE * * *

I took The wood, cleaned it up and painted half with the Black Valspar Semi Gloss Paint I used for my table project! I will show you that in a couple days. I then sprayed the other blocks with the Rustoleum Metallic Silver Spray Paint I got for this project.
Let them dry.
I thankfully work at a Glass shop and have the Elatable JOY of having a Professional Vinyl Cutter right there at work. So during slow lulls in the work day, I get to play around and make my own custom Vinyl Lettering. You will see plenty of it around here... Don't worry! I printed out the letters on the machine! All in White.
If you look closely though, the letters on the silver blocks are black... So to remedy printing off white letters and it not "popping" off the Silver backdrop, I just peeled all the excess off from around the letters and painted them with Acrylic paint. I let it dry thoroughly and then peeled off the letters and put on the block. The acrylic paint I had was very matte so I put the spray glitter on for three purposes. #1 Glitter is just Beautiful and adds so much! Love THe Sparkles! #2 It made the acrylic paint glossy looking #3 It served to really seal the Acrylic paint onto the vinyl lettering ensuring that it will stay on for years to come!
* * * AFTER * * *

Please excuse the glare... The shininess is beautiful but is hard to photograph, especially in a dark basement! THat silver IS Really shiny! Loves Loves IT!

The Glittery skull sitting on top the O is a Dollar store find... Looks cute there!

* * * Bonus * * *
I also gave this teaser a while back... fall leaves spray painted black... loverly!

I took the black leaves, Made the BOO letters out of Vinyl and put onto the leaves.
Dollar store frames... gotta love them, Combined with this really cool corrugated paper as the backdrop and voila... a wonderful masterpiece. I really like how these turned out. really simple but oh so CHIc!

You have to click on the picture to really see and appreciate what these look like! I really like this project a lot! The best part is that it was all VERY inexpensive. The Frames cost all of $3.00.
Happy Halloween! More to come so check back!


The DIY Show Off said...

WOW! Those both look amazing. So festive. I love the black and silver together on those spooky blocks. You did a fantastic job and the framed black leaves are too cute! Great job!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Both of these projects look wonderful! GREAT JOB! Isn't it amazing what we can do with Dollar store items! I love it.


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