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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tales of Babysitting...

Keegan... This picture was taken beforehand...
He is Adorable!

I was watching my adorable nephews the other night... All three adorable little boys, Gavin (4) Keegan (2) and Griffin (3 months). The two little boys were playing in our kids room in a big yellow tub we have full of toys. Playing Shower time... Griffin needed a bottle so I stepped into the kitchen to make him some formula and when I got back to the room there was Keegan standing in the "tub" with his pants and underwear off and Gavin Exclaiming... "He pee'd"

WHAT??? Keegan pee'd in the yellow "Tub" on all of the toys and books... hahahaha

When I asked why he pee'd in the tub he said they always pee in the shower, so he pee'd...

Tooo Cute!

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