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Monday, December 22, 2008

St. George

I got to go back to St. George... Good Ole Dixie! I loved it! Kim and I went on the 18th and came back on the 20th. We went to my favorite restaurant, Samurai 21... if you are ever in St. George, go there it is excellent... Go on the Hibachi side. Dinner and a show!
While there I got to see Kristelle. I was so excited to see her, it had been two years to the day since I left St. George, yet it felt like I had never left. It was so fun to catch up and fill each other in on our lives these last two years.
I am so grateful for good friends! I have been reflecting on how many wonderful people I know and have met in just the last three years of my life... so many great friends! I am so blessed!

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