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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some play-around pics of the pups

So I was playing around with my camera last night! Love it! I was taking pictures of my the three cute little pups that live at my house.
He is a very photogenic dog. T2Levi LeviShe has a sweet little profileKapri Oh, look at those eyes!t1Me and my sweet Kapri! She just lays with me like a little baby and has let me hold her like one from day one.      M1
Best friends for Life K and L
Now that I have a camera, I will get busy and show you my line of earrings for sale. I am starting up my own little “company” called Dandelion Designs. I make earrings and am even considering going on Etsy. When I have time of course!

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Matapuna said...

You are too cute. I miss you Holly!! Girl, you need to update me on life (and this blog of yours haha). love you tons xoxo


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