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Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, this is my official unofficial review of the Movie Twilight!

I think that the movie was overall good in and of itself. Is is as good as the booK? No, of course not and I think that I would have enjoyed the movie five times more had I not read the book first. But these are the days and the experiences that we only get to have now, in our youth. Going out with a group of women, hanging out, swooning over vampires and acting like a young girl again... FUn! I had fun with my Karly and Amber and the experience was great! My first Movie theater experience since my mission and I have to say that the previews were the worst part... they were awful! Excepting HP6 I actually turned and looked away from most. Especially the movie "The Unborn" that looks horrible and way too scary and icky for me!
I still love the Twilight books and I am not giving up on the movie yet, I am going to go see it again and hope that it is better the second time around when I know not to expect to be just like the book!

Karly and I before the show!! Lovin' it!

THe LONG line waiting to go in to the show! Thankfully we were in the front of the line! It was cold, but that is a small price to pay for Twilight! All I have to say is, DON'T mess with a Twilight fan and her show, some women's fangs truly came out last night!! hahaha

Amber, me and Karly... The girls!
Yes I was sporting a Twilight shirt! Hahahaa

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Jake and Heidi said...

my friend is going to let me borrow the books.
so hopefully i can fall in love with them just as much as the other crazy young women!

love you!


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